About us

Love, lust, flirtation, romance, partnership--it's in your nature to crave these things. But how do you get them? It's the age old question that's never been fully answered until now. Sure, you can go to a bar, drop a lot of cash, and go home alone. Or you can spend hours plugging a bunch of information into an online dating site, only to have them spit out someone who's totally wrong for you.

But now there's a revolutionary new way to instantly make romantic connections online. My Chance Romance lets you spin the wheel of chance and meet somebody who's right for you. Don't like the hook up? Try it again and get somebody new. You can talk for seconds or hours; you can talk about your dirtiest fantasies or your deepest emotional needs. You don't even need to speak ... you can let your body do all the talking!

We are changing the way people find love or get a date. Welcome.